Shocking moment pedestrian is missed by inches as out of control Audi crashes and rolls along pavement – The Sun

THIS is the shocking moment a man runs for his life after an out-of-control car crashes before flying through the air, missing him by inches.

The clip shows a terrified pedestrian drop his bags and flee after a black Audi smashes into the back of a truck and flips over twice.

The incident on Saturday around 8pm is believed to have taken place in West Yorkshire.

CCTV footage shows the man walking along a pavement as a truck drives down the road.

Suddenly a black car races up behind the truck, accelerating before smashing into its rear.

The impact sends the car spiralling through the air and crashing to the ground before flipping over and rolling on to the pavement.


The pedestrian hears the commotion and looks behind him only to see the vehicle heading straight at him.

He drops his bags and runs away as the car does another somersault before coming to a thudding stop with the beep of a horn.

A hand can be seen moving in the passenger seat as the truck driver and residents come to inspect the damage.

The dramatic clip was posted to the public Facebook group Major/Minor Crimes In Batley Dewsbury & Kirklees yesterday.

Social media users piled in to criticise the Audi driver.

The clown in the Audi is at fault

Kimberly Eve Savage said: “What an idiot.”

Peter Worth added: “Wherever it is the clown in the Audi is at fault.”

Murtaza Nabi wrote: “Oh dear hope the stupid driver wasn’t hurt and didn’t hurt anyone else mentally what the f***.”

However, many are just relieved the pedestrian escaped unscathed.

“Lis Aylott said: “Wowsers! The guy with the shopping had a lucky escape.”

Vee Vee added: “Hope the guy who ran is okay from the shock poor fella! Hope the stupid driver was wearing a belt and is okay.

"However never does this in his/her entire stupid life again!”

Ash Dee said: “Well whatever was in that guys bag is certainly squashed better than the guys head.”

Amy Joyce wrote: “Damn that poor guy had to leg it, but the poor shopping!”

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