Significant winter storm expected for the Northeast this week

Will a nor’easter bring snow? How different storm tracks impact the Northeast

What type of nor’easter could you see in your area? Here are the three main types.

Our overall weather pattern remains very active across the country and confidence is increasing for a significant winter storm on Wednesday/Thursday for the Northeast.

We have one storm exiting the East Coast Sunday. It's mostly over and not a big deal.

The second storm is now over Oklahoma and southern Kansas. It will drop up to 6 inches of snow before moving to the Southeast overnight as a rainmaker. It moves up through the Northeast Monday, bringing light snow but most importantly ushering in cold air that will be in place for the Wednesday/Thursday storm #3.

That storm is moving on shore today in the Pacific Northwest and northern California. It will spend the next two days crossing the U.S., not as a huge weather maker, but when it exits the East Coast, will strengthen quickly and become a nor'easter.

It is still too early to say exactly who will get most of the snow, but as of now it looks to be interior Pennsylvania and New York and Connecticut. What happens to New York City, it's too early to say but there is a very good chance for significant snow. There will likely be some 1-2 feet snow totals out of this one … just not sure where yet. Plenty of time to work on the details, but a significant storm is likely coming.


Also, worth noting. Overall, we're in a La Nina pattern. That usually means a slightly more mild season in the coastal Northeast. But generally, in La Nina years, the bigger snowstorms for the Northeast happen in December. 


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