Stomach-churning moment UK's Dr Pimple Popper bursts egg-shaped cyst on man's forehead

THIS is the stomach-churning moment a doctor bursts an egg-shaped cyst on a man's forehead.

Robert went to see Dr Emma Craythorne, Britain's very own Dr Pimple Popper, to have the lump removed – two years after it first formed.

The 39-year-old, from Rugby, Warwickshire, has been forced to wear a woolly hat, even in the summer, to try and hide the growth.

Appearing on tonight's episode of the Bad Skin Clinic, he explains: “It started off as a pin prick and in the last six months it’s started to grow and grow.

"It’s grown to such a size now that you can start to see it through the hat.

"The way it’s growing at the minute I can’t see how it will stop. I notice it getting bigger from day to day sometimes.”


Robert, a planning co-ordinator, said the lump has taken him back to his high school days when he was bullied for having hearing aids.

His confidence hit such an all-time low that he couldn't go out, which also affected his relationship with fiancée, Lauren, who he has been with for six years.

“I’ve never been the most confident of people but this has taken it to another level,” he explains.

“I literally get up in the morning, go to work and go home. We used to go out 2-3 times a week and now we don’t do any of that. I just want to hide away.”

Lauren told the show the lump's not changed the way she feels about Robert, but would just like to get the man back that she first fell in love with.

After visiting his GP, Robert was referred to a specialist who told him that it’s a benign cyst – but the NHS refused to remove it as classed as cosmetic.

Determined to get rid of it, he’s even been tempted to cut it out himself.

“I work in an office based environment sweating because I have to wear a hat,” Robert explains.

“I haven’t had my hair cut in eight months. It’s 24/7 on my mind – it’s really doing my head in and I just want to get rid of it.”


Robert and Lauren book an appointment with dermatological surgeon Dr Emma at her Harley Street clinic where they are finally given some hope.

She tells them: “This might be a benign lump, it might not be a cancerous lump, but it still has a big impact on your life.”

Dr Emma explains that Robert has something called an epidermoid cyst.

Eager to get her hands on it and remove what’s inside, she says: “What’s exciting about this is one of my kids loves Kinder eggs as they get to see what’s inside the egg.

"And I kind of feel a little bit like that about this little Kinder egg right there.”

Dr Emma explains that the egg is actually “a little sack or balloon within the skin that’s filled with dead skin cells.”

It normally appears on the face, neck, back or chest, and if the whole sack isn’t taken out there’s a higher risk of it coming back.


Unafraid of the scar the procedure to have it removed will leave, Robert admits he’s a bit anxious as he’s about to go in to surgery.

In the operating theatre, Dr Emma says: “I think we can unwrap this little Easter egg."

She draws dots and lines on the cyst to indicate where she'll make the incision before injecting the anaesthetic.

Once she's sliced open the lump, she explains: "You can see the cyst wall and it's a grey kind of colour."

Dr Emma then tells Robert it's time for her favourite part – the squeezing.

She starts by pressing down on the sides of the incision as the pus comes bursting from the centre.

"It's a lovely colour," she tells him, as her assistant adds: "It's like icing on a cake."

Dr Emma then turns to carefully removing the sac – by sealing off all the blood vessels and snipping it from Robert's head.

He says: "I literally heard that."

Dr Emma carefully stitches up the wound and tells him it will start to heal in about eight weeks.

Handing him a mirror to have a look, Robert says: "That's incredible, thank you so much."

She then shows him what she removed and he describes it as looking like a "little brain".

Leaving the clinic with Lauren, he says: “I feel like I can walk out now with no hat."

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