Storm Franklin UK weather forecast: Flooding SUBMERGES stations as Britain blasted by strong winds amid Eunice clean-up

THE UK is currently battling against strong winds and the UK's weather situation looks set to become a lot worse.

The UK will be covered by a yellow weather warning today between midday and 3pm on Monday following Storm Eunice.

Winds are likely to strengthen across England and Wales ahead of a band of rain, which itself will turn increasingly squally.

Gusts of 55-60 mph are expected widely around south and west facing coasts, some of which may be more vulnerable than usual in the aftermath of Storm Eunice.

The news comes as a massive clean-up has begun today after Storm Eunice brought widespread damage, disruption and record-breaking 122mph gusts of wind to the UK – leading to the deaths of at least four people.

The treacherous conditions led to travel chaos, flight cancellations, power cuts and police forces being inundated with calls.

Train networks were plagued by flying debris – and there was extensive damage to buildings and homes with the roof of the O2 ripped off.

Read our weather live blog for the latest on Storm Eunice…

  • Milica Cosic

    Explained: Is it safe to drive today?

    Road safety experts have urged motorists to check weather updates in their local region before starting their journey.

    The Met Office still has yellow warnings in place across the UK, mainly in the Midlands and north of England.

    If weather conditions are extremely poor, don't start your journey.

    Flooding can block roads or cause risk of aquaplaning – where you lose control of your vehicle.

    Trying to drive through deep flood water could damage your car and kill the engine, leaving you stranded on the road.

    Stopping distances must also be increased in wet conditions so make sure to allow enough space if you need to suddenly brake.

    Driving in strong winds can also be very dangerous and may force your motor in a different direction. You should always be wary of debris on the road, allowing yourself enough time to drive around it.

    Drivers in rural areas should be particularly cautious of cross-winds which could blow them off course.

  • Milica Cosic

    National Accident Helpline for Storm Franklin

    Jonathan White the Legal and Compliance Director at National Accident Helpline, has urged people to stay alert and offered tips on how to stay safe on UK roads. 

    White said: “As the UK braces itself for its third storm in a week, the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning.

    “We’re urging people to take extra care and continue to prepare for flooding – especially in the north of England.

    “Strong winds can make it difficult to control your vehicle and vulnerable vehicles such as motorbikes, caravans and high-sided vehicles could be at risk of being blown over. Make sure to stay alert when driving on high open roads, viaducts and particularly bridges, which may see possible closures.

    “Follow any guidance provided by the authorities, pay attention to any warnings or signs – particularly on the motorway, in coastal areas and swollen rivers.”

    For more information about National Accident Helpline, please visit:

  • Milica Cosic

    Manchester airport saw arriving flights diverted

    Manchester Airport suffered major disruption today, with arriving flights diverted to London Heathrow, Stansted, Birmingham, East Midlands, Newcastle and Dublin airports because they were unable to land in the North West. 

    National Rail has warned anyone making essential journeys once services resume today to expect 'major disruption' to routes 'across most of Great Britain' – including cancellations, delays and slower speeds onboard.

    National Rail said there will be a reduced timetable for today, alternative travel unavailable and further disruption expected.

    This morning, Transport for London said the London Overground was suspended between Stratford and Richmond, Stratford and Clapham Junction, Romford and Upminster, and Sydenham and West Croydon due to storm-related damage.

  • Milica Cosic

    'Severe flood warnings' remain in place in Manchester

    Two 'severe flood warnings' remain in place in Greater Manchester this morning as Storm Franklin continues to batter the UK.

    The 'danger to life' warnings are in place for the River Mersey at East Didsbury and the River Mersey at West Didsbury and Northenden.

    Residents living near those areas have been told to 'act now' and evacuate if told to do so.

    Councillors said 430 homes were at risk of flooding as rest centre was set up at Didsbury Mosque.

    The Environment Agency also issued several other flood alerts and flood warnings across Greater Manchester – including at the River Roch, Upper River Irwell, River Glaze and River Bollin.

    Residents living in areas covered by the warnings are being urged to 'act now' but are not currently at risk of evacuation.

  • Milica Cosic

    UK weather outlook for Wednesday and Thursday

    On Wednesday, Scotland will have persistent rain with strong winds, but northern Scotland will see wintry showers later in the day. Elsewhere will be mostly cloudy and dry, with a few spots of light rain in places.

    Thursday will continue to be unsettled with variable cloud and wintry showers.

  • Milica Cosic

    Tomorrow's weather forecast (Tuesday)

    Tomorrow morning, a band of rain will progress south-eastwards across the UK, but becoming lighter and patchier as it does so.

    The band of rain will clear away by the afternoon, leaving behind sunshine for most, but showers in the north-west, these falling wintry on the higher ground.

  • Milica Cosic

    Tonight's weather

    Tonight will start largely clear and dry, with just a few showers to the far east of England.

    Through the night, cloud is expected to gradually build in from the west, with a few spells of rain in the west and the north.

    However, a band of heavy rain will move into northwestern areas towards dawn.

  • Milica Cosic

    Eerie female face pictured during Storm Eunice

    THE eerie female face of Storm Eunice was captured in waves that battered a beach during gale force winds.

    Weather fanatic Thomas Harper braved the killer storm when he tried to snap giant waves on Friday (Feb 18) afternoon.

    He was on Porthcurno Beach near Land’s End at 5pm as the storm eased.

    Female face of Storm EuniceCredit: Thomas Harper / / TNG
    Weather fanatic Thomas Harper braved the killer storm on Friday (Feb 18)Credit: Thomas Harper / / TNG
  • Milica Cosic

    How windy will Storm Franklin be?

    After the strong winds of Storm Eunice, this week should be calmer.

    Storm Franklin is unlikely to reach the gusts of 122mph that Storm Eunice did but will still be windy.

    The highest winds will be over Northern Ireland and the coasts of northwest England and southwest Scotland.

    Winds speeds of 75mph are set to be the highest and have mainly taken place overnight on Sunday.

  • Milica Cosic

    Explained: How long will Storm Franklin last?

    The storm hit on Sunday, February 20, 2022, bringing with it heavy rainfall.

    The warnings for Storm Franklin are in place until 1pm on Monday, February 21.

    These are Yellow Warnings for wind as much of the heavy rain fell over the weekend.

    The Met Office believes that the rain should ease over the week but could bring some snow.

    Storm Franklin is set to calm down Monday afternoon although the weather will still be rainy and windy for the rest of the week.

  • Milica Cosic

    Conditions set to ease

    Meteorologist Craig Snell told Sun Online conditions will finally ease next week.

    "It'll be blustery as we go through the week, but everything looks a little bit more typical for this time of year," he said.

    "It'll be windy, but at the moment, there aren't any warnings past Monday, and we're certainly not looking at naming more storms in the days to come.

    "After we get rid of Franklin, it'll still be windy, but hopefully not on the same scale as the past few days.

    "It's certainly been very, very unsettled recently.

    "This has been a very notable spread of weather."

  • Milica Cosic

    Pictured: Chaos as Storm Franklin batters through Britain

    The latest weather misery comes after ferocious Storm Eunice killed four people and plunged 1.3m homes into darkness on Friday, and Storm Dudley wrecked homes and cars last week.

    It's the first time since significant storms were given names back in 2015 that three have followed in such a short space of time.

    Intense downpours have already caused dangerous flooding in some parts overnight.

    Rail company Northern says the line at Rotherham is completely underwater today – and no replacement bus service is availableCredit: Twitter/@northernassist
    Rivers burst their banks in Scotland flooding houses and carsCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk
    Storm Franklin has battered the country todayCredit: PA
  • Milica Cosic

    BREAKING: Dartford crossing closed due to Storm Franklin

    RUSH hour traffic has been plunged into chaos with delays building up after the Dartford Crossing was forced shut amid Storm Franklin battering the UK.

    Two lanes on the M25 Dartford Crossing have closed between junctions 1A A206 and J31 A103G, for Lakeside/Purfleet.

    RUSH hour traffic has been plunged into chaos with delays building up after the Dartford Crossing was forced shut amid Storm Franklin battering the UK.

    Two lanes on the M25 Dartford Crossing have closed between junctions 1A A206 and J31 A103G, for Lakeside/Purfleet.

    The right-hand tunnel at Dartford is being used as a diversion for traffic developing for the QE2 Bridge.

    The left-hand tunnel remains open, with mounting traffic and queues either way because of the closure.

    Congestion has also been reported to Junction two of the M25 and delays from A2 stretch back to Northfleet, adding to journey times.

  • Milica Cosic

    Storm Franklin to bring 'severe & damaging gusts'

    Franklin, an 800-mile wide squall, will bring "severe and damaging gusts" and torrential downpours, The Met Office warned.

    An amber warning for wind was in place across Northern Ireland from midnight until 7am. It has now lapsed.

    Yellow warnings cover the whole of England and Wales and parts of Scotland until 1pm on Monday.

    Intense downpours have already caused dangerous flooding in some parts overnight.

    There are currently two rare "severe" flood warnings in place near the River Mersey – alongside 315 other flood alerts.

  • Milica Cosic

    Brits told ‘do NOT travel today’

    BRITS have been urged not to travel today as Storm Franklin brings 'danger to life' flooding, heavy rain, hail and 80mph gales.

    A tornado warning is in place as the third devastating storm in just five days slammed into the UK overnight.

    This morning, National Rail has told people to avoid rail travel if possible today – and say that even when services resume, there'll be "major disruption" to routes "across most of Great Britain".

    Almost every rail company in the country, including the Heathrow Express, Stansted Express, Cross Country and Thameslink, says its trains will be affected.

  • Louis Allwood

    Weather news latest

    • Die-hard party-goers made the most of their Saturday night, despite the terrible weather
    • More than 40,000 households are still without power after killer Storm Eunice
    • A mum told of how she cowered inside while gale-force winds tore off her roof
    • Tributes have been paid to a 23-year-old dad killed during the worst tempest in a generation
    • Footage shows the terrifying moment a tree hit a bus on Friday

    London forecast for today

    A very windy and cloudy morning, with a few showery outbreaks of rain.

    Becoming drier and brighter in the afternoon, as winds gradually ease. Maximum temperature 11 °C.

    UK forecast for today

    Strong and gusty winds along with outbreaks of rain clearing through the morning, followed by sunny spells and scattered showers.

    Cloud and rain into far west through the evening.

    Will Storm Franklin be as bad as Storm Eunice?

    The storm arrives with much of the UK still recovering from Storm Eunice, but Franklin is not expected to be as severe.

    Wind gusts from Storm Franklin are expected to be lower than Eunice which triggered two Red Weather Warnings.

    The run of terrible weather began with Storm Dudley on Wednesday.

    Ferocious Storm Eunice killed four and plunged 1.3m homes into darkness on Friday.

    Meteorologist Becky Mitchell said three named storms in such quick succession is a first since the system was introduced seven years ago.

    "It's the first time we've had three named storms within a week, and we started the storm-naming system in 2015," she said.

    "We've got a really active jet stream, which is why we're seeing so many storms track right towards the UK."

    When will Storm Franklin hit the UK?

    Storm Franklin, an 800-mile wide squall, will bring "severe and damaging gusts" across Northern Ireland this morning.

    An amber warning is in place from midnight.

    Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna shared a warning from the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation on Twitter, telling followers: "Although a very low risk, a tornado or two is possible associated with today's squally cold front."

    The storm will bring two inches of snow to the north.

    Wolves forced to close part of Molineux stand during kick off

    WOLVES were forced to move some fans from one of the stands at Molineux after the stormy weather impacted their clash with Leicester.

    An announcement over the tannoy in the opening minutes of the game insisted it was due to safety reasons.

    The club also apologised and urged supporters to be patient while they found new seats for them.

    They then went on to say later in the first half that the issue was "wind related" and that "anyone affected has been found a different seat".

    Storm Eunice has meant the weekend's Premier League action has been played in horrid conditions.

    And it was lashing it down the rain as Wolves and Leicester got underway on Sunday afternoon.

    • Louis Allwood

      Make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed

      Making sure your windows and doors are sealed can make sure that moisture does not seep through any cracks.

      Ross Counsell, a chartered surveyor and director of regulated property buyers Good Move says explains: “This prevents any damage to the interior of your home, and also minimises any mould or mildew damage.

      “Windows should be at least double-glazed to give a further barrier of protection, and make sure to use rubber weather-stripping to fill spaces between the sides and bottom of your door and the door frame.”

    • Louis Allwood

      83,000 People around the UK are still without power

      More than 83,000 people around the UK are still without power after the worst winter tempest in a generation.

      The Met Office has issued a slew of weather warnings for today and tomorrow, with millions facing misery from high winds as they travel to work on Monday.

      Forecasters say blasts will cause even more power cuts, transport delays and damage.

    • Louis Allwood

      Hundreds of homes evacuated in Britain’s worst run of storms

      HUNDREDS of homes will be evacuated as Britain's worst-ever run of storms continues with 80mph gales and 'danger to life' flood warnings.

      It's the first time on record that three named tempests have happened within just days of each other – with unusually ferocious Storm Eunice killing four and plunging 1.3million homes into darkness.

      Storm Franklin, an 800-mile wide squall, will bring "severe and damaging gusts" this morning.

      An amber warning was in place from midnight.

      Two inches of snow will fall in some northern postcodes, while in Manchester, locals are being forced from their homes amid fears the River Mersey will flood at East and West Didsbury.

      Manchester City Council confirmed 460 households are being told to leave urgently.

    • Louis Allwood

      What to expect from Monday's warning

      • Flying debris is likely and could lead to Injuries or danger to life
      • Probably some damage to buildings, such as tiles blown from roofs, along with trees/branches being brought down
      • Longer journey times and cancellations likely, as road, rail, air and ferry services may be affected
      • Some roads and bridges likely to close
      • There is a good chance that power cuts may occur, with the potential to affect other services, such as mobile phone coverage
      • Injuries and danger to life is likely from large waves and beach material being thrown onto coastal roads, sea fronts and properties

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