Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry's baby daddy Jo Rivera and his wife Vee are 'trying to set her up with a B-list celebrity'

KAILYN Lowry's baby daddy Jo Rivera and his wife are "trying to set her up with a B-list celebrity."

Vee Rivera, Jo's wife and Kailyn's Baby Mama No Drama co-host, made the revelation during a lively episode of their podcast on Tuesday.

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Jo's baby mamas had been discussing red flags yesterday and towards the end of the show, Kailyn asked Vee to alert her to "anymore red flags I need to look for."

"Yeah let's help Kail – we should help her find a man," Vee said before Kailyn added: "Or a woman."

"Jo was like we should help her look up like a low, B-list celebrity for Kail to – " Vee began before Kailyn cut her off laughing: "A B-list celebrity? Goodbye!"

Vee continued: "[Jo's] like 'we gotta find somebody for her.' I'm like 'you're so adamant about finding someone for Kail' and he's like 'I just don't want her to be lonely.'"

However, the Teen Mom alum, who recently purchased land to build a new home, insisted that she loved being by herself, even though Vee added that Joe said she wouldn't feel that way for long.

"He's like 'what's going to happen once the kids are grown? She's going to need someone,'" Vee added as Kailyn agreed that was "true."

"I'm going to be there adopting more kids – foster parenting or something," Kailyn quipped.

"Me and Joe are going to be traveling and we're just going to bring her like a third wheel on vacations," Vee joked.

Mom-of-four Kailyn has always insisted that she is done having kids and wouldn't date a man who had children either – but during this episode, she spoke about how she would deal with stepchildren financially.

"I've always said I wouldn't date someone with kids but if I did, I know that I would instantly become attached and I would be willing to [put money towards their care]," she explained.

"And I think speaking from experience and being with someone who was so willing to – like I remember when Javi and I first got married, or we first got together.

"He was like 'oh, should we sign Isaac up for soccer?' Yeah cool. He signed him up, he paid for it and it wasn't like even a question," she recalled. "He just did it and he didn't ask me to pay it back.

"I just can't see myself being with someone who has kids and not be willing to be that extra person, which brings me to the braces conversation."

Kailyn then explained that she and Joe were fine to split the cost of Isaac's $6,000 braces even though "insurance doesn't cover one single dime" of it.

Kailyn then asked Vee if they couldn't cover it, would she "feel like you should pay to help."

"I would feel like I would want to pay, I wouldn't feel like I 'should,'" Vee replied.

During their candid conversation comes, Kailyn also declared that she wouldn't introduce a someone to her sons Isaac, 11, & Lincoln, 7, and plans to lead a "double life" when dating a new man.

"I don't know if I want them to get attached and weird," she added. "I think it would be very different for Lux and Creed because someone could step in and really bond with them in a way that they could be a father figure.

"But I don't know they can do the same for Isaac and Lincoln, so I don't know they would be willing to. I think I would live a separate life, a double life."

Kail, 29, further explained that she believes this mainly because Isaac and Lincoln have very active fathers in their lives, unlike Lux and Creed.

The Teen Mom 2 star shares Isaac with ex, Jo Rivera, Lincoln with Javi Marroquin, and Lux and Creed with Chris Lopez, whom she has deemed multiple times as an absent father.

She also explained that Isaac already had a stepfather, Javi, and he is still very close with Javi, who was a father figure for five years.

However, The Pot Head founder recently hinted that she might be interested in a special someone while playing an Instagram game with fans.

The MTV star was asked if she "has somebody you're interested in" and replied: "[Very] true."

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Teen Mom OG 's season nine aired on January 26th 2021 on MTV.

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