Terrifying moment severe flight turbulence leaves passengers screaming in horror as food & drinks thrown around cabin | The Sun

THIS is the dramatic moment passengers screamed in terror as severe turbulence wreaked havoc on a busy flight.

Food, drink and people's belongings were left strewn across the floor and even the ceiling on the journey from Angola to Portugal.

Travel influencer Diana Assis, from Brazil, was on board and shared a dramatic clip of herself as the plane shook uncontrollably.

The pilot had warned they would likely experience severe turbulence – but passengers were left stunned by the level of drastic juddering.

Diana told how she was left terrified on what she said was her first-ever international flight.

Footage shows her at first treating the turbulence as a joke and laughing as the plane starts to vibrate

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But the laughter soon stops when a severe jolt spills the contents of her wine glass, splashing onto the ceiling as people screamed in terror.

She said the turbulence had struck two hours after takeoff of what was supposed to be an eight-hour flight and just as lunch was being served – leaving food scattered all over the aircraft.

Diana had boarded the plane operated by TAAG Angolan Airlines after it made a stopover in Luanda before she was due to continue to Portugal.

She added: "It only lasted a few seconds but it was enough to leave some people injured and the crew provided first aid before landing."

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One of those injured, according to the influencer, was a newborn baby who had flown out of its parent's arms and hit the ceiling prompting the captain to ask for a doctor to help the child.

The TAAG airline declined to comment when contacted by local media.

It comes after a passenger filmed his flight hitting extreme turbulence as other fliers panicked.

John Criscitello was on a Southwest flight from Honolulu to Sacramento when the plane hit severe turbulence.

He shared the scary incident to TikTok, captioned "Free rollercoaster ride on Southwest last night" and racked up 1million views.

The Boeing 737 Max shook violently and seemed to bounce up and down as those onboard screamed.

As John filmed, the aircraft could be heard squeaking as the plane flew through the bumpy patch.

One man in the video is seen clutching onto a flight safety manual and uttering "oh s***".

John said: "We hit several different patches of turbulence. Some were just the usual bumps.

"But a couple times we hit hard bumps and big drops that’s when the passengers started screaming.

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"I was trying to stay calm but when you start to hear the plane creaking and cracking, it feels really scary."

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