Terrifying moment speeding truck crashes into McDonald’s drive-thru crushing two women after smashing into 3 cars

A SPEEDING truck hurtled down a main road before pummelling into a McDonalds drive-thru and hitting three cars – crushing two women.

Sourab Bisht, 24, lost control of the huge flatbed truck loaded with steel in November 2019 as he rushed to reach his destination, a court heard.

The lead up to the horror smash was captured on dashcam footage, showing the truck speed along in Mount Ousley, near Wollongong, before dangerously overtaking a gas tanker. 

Bisht had ignored several warning signs to slow down and use a lower gear on an upcoming descent – seeing him smash through the busy Fairy Meadows McDonalds car park, destroying several vehicles, and severely injuring two women.

One suffered nine fractured ribs alongside other injuries, while the other was left with a gash on her head and bruising.

The heavy goods vehicle hit a fire hydrant and careered into a parked large white vehicle, which it pushes along with it.

Bisht was simply in a rush to get to his destination but claimed the vehicle's brakes had failed – which was rejected by the court.

"If he had kept it left at all times and in low gear, this disaster would not have occurred," District Court Judge Gregory Woods QC said.   

"He had a duty to use the emergency ramp. He should have attempted to do so."

According to ABC, the Roads and Maritime Service provided evidence in court that found the truck's brakes were defective but still operational.

Bisht was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash.

The 24-year-old was sentenced to 15 months jail in the community as a corrections order.

He appealed, but was unsuccessful when he challenged the decision in a higher court.

Bisht's previous good character meant he would not serve any time in jail, but his original intensive corrections order will remain in place, because his actions were considered extremely reckless and could have caused multiple deaths.

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