Texas boy tricked into drinking urine by classmates in attack, attorney says

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A Texas eighth-grader was shot with BB guns and duped into drinking his own urine in a racially motivated attack by classmates, his attorney claims.

SeMarion Humphrey, a 13-year-old at Haggard Middle School in Plano, attended a sleepover at a white classmate’s house on the weekend of Feb. 12 and was told they’d be the only ones there, attorney Kim T. Cole told The Post on Wednesday.

But three other classmates — two white students and a Hispanic boy — joined the weekend-long gathering a day later and allegedly shot the teen “everywhere” with BB guns as the group went frog hunting, Cole said.

SeMarion, who suffers from anxiety and takes sleep medication, later went to sleep at his friend’s house, only to be awakened by his cruel classmates slapping his face, video shows.

He was also tricked into drinking urine that the other boys had told him was water, Cole alleges.

“You can see the kids slapping him and they woke him up and told him he was not breathing and had to drink this,” Cole said. “They said he needed to drink water, but what he’s actually drinking is urine.”

SeMarion was also called racial and homophobic slurs, Cole said, adding that he only found out about the vile footage when being asked about it later by another classmate.

“He was half asleep and didn’t remember it,” the attorney said.

District officials announced Thursday that an investigation into SeMarion’s allegations was underway. The off-campus incident was first reported to Plano Independent School District two days earlier.

“Plano ISD does not and will not tolerate bullying or harassment and believes every student must be treated with dignity and respect,” Superintendent Sara Bonser said in a video statement.

SeMarion had also allegedly been harassed by teammates while on the school’s football team during the 2019-2020 season, leading him to quit after being hit with a belt and punched in the locker room on numerous occasions, Cole said.

District officials acknowledged Monday that a separate investigation was launched following those claims by SeMarion’s mother, Summer Smith.

“The district will utilize an independent third party for the additional investigation,” a statement read. “We look forward to any conclusions this review will provide.”

A spokesman for Plano police said Wednesday that an “active” investigation into SeMarion’s accusations was ongoing.

“I can confirm we are aware of all of those allegations and that is part of our investigation,” spokesman David Tilley said in an email.

SeMarion, meanwhile, won’t be returning to Haggard Middle School following what Cole characterized as a racially motivated attack.

He will finish the semester remotely as his family continues to stay in temporary housing due to threats they’ve received, his attorney said.

“This goes beyond bullying,” Cole said of the video. “This is assault. This is criminal activity.”

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