The View’s Whoopi Goldberg shockingly accuses Trump of staging a ‘coup’ and says ‘this is what dictators do’

WHOOPI Goldberg has accused Donald Trump of staging a "coup" and claimed he is behaving like a "dictator" as he refuses to admit defeat following the presidential election.

The View co-host moderated a discussion about why few Republicans have not publicly urged the president to concede the race to Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

"This is what dictators do when they want to take a country away from its people," said Whoopi.

"Somebody better step up before you suddenly turn around and they have taken the country!"

Whoopi, who has moderated the talk show since 2007, made her feelings clear as she invited fellow panelists to contribute in the debate.

"Am I crazy? Does it feel a little bit like there's a coup trying to happen? Is it too strong a word," she asked journalist Sara Haines.

Whoopi asked fellow co-host Joy Behar: "The question remains again: why don't you think more Republican leaders are speaking out, Joy?

Behar claimed that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is instructing Republicans not to criticize the president.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has publicly called for Trump to concede the election.

In a tweet, the GOP governor said: "The president's refusal to accept reality is hurting our party. We must stop Democratic domination of Washington, and to do that we need to be focused on offering a message for the future."

Governor Hogan told CNN's State of the Union: "We used to go and supervize elections around the world and we were the most respected country with respect to elections, and now we're beginning to look like we're a banana republic.

"It's time for them to stop the nonsense. It just gets more bizarre every single day and frankly I'm embarrassed that more people in the party aren't speaking up."

GOP Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania said Trump had "exhausted all plausible legal options to challenge the result of the presidential race in Pennsylvania."

Republican Rep Fred Upton of Michigan insisted the election is "over," fighting Trump and his teams' claims.

“You know what? The voters have spoken,” Upton told CNN's Inside Politics.

“No one has come up with any evidence of fraud or abuse."

He added: "It's over."

Republican Gov Chris Christie of New Jersey told ABC's This Week that Trump needs to accept Biden as the winner – and called his legal team "a national embarrassment."

"They allege fraud outside the courtroom, but when they go inside the courtroom, they don't plead fraud and they don't argue fraud,' Christie said of the team's baseless claims.


A judge appointed by Barack Obama dismissed the Trump campaign’s bid to throw out millions of mail-in votes in Pennsylvania – and slammed the "meritless” lawsuit in a scathing decision.

US District Court Judge Matthew Brann ruled on Saturday that Trump’s campaign failed to prove that Republican voters' rights were violated in the November 3 election.

“This Court has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations,” Brann wrote.

The judge added that he “has no authority to take away the right to vote of even a single person, let alone millions of citizens” and attacked the "stitched-together" lawsuit as "Frankenstein's monster."

Following the ruling,Trump tweeted: "The Media is just as corrupt as the Election itself!"

He also called on Republican state officials to reject the vote and appoint Trump friendly electors to hand him the victory in swing states.

The Trump campaign has not provided evidence for its claims of widespread and coordinated electoral fraud.

Officials across the country have repeatedly said there is zero evidence of fraud that would alter the outcome of the presidential election.

A manual hand recount in Georgia confirmed Biden as the winner in the southern state by more than 12,000 votes.

In Michigan, Republicans urged state authorities not to certify Biden's election victory for 14 days to allow for an audit of ballots in Wayne County, which includes Detroit.

The letter, co-signed by the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee and her Michigan state-level counterpart, cited allegations of "irregularities" that have not been substantiated.

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