There can be no justification for Harry & Meghan getting their annual £2.3m from Prince Charles – The Sun

Royals flush

THE Harry and Meghan scandal must trigger a comprehensive new review of Royal finances: Who gets what, why, and what oversight Parliament has.

There can be no justification for the young quitters still getting any of their annual £2.3million from the Duchy of Cornwall which Prince Charles controls.

The Family seem to think of that vast £1billion estate as their private fortune. But it has simply been inherited by the eldest son of the monarch since 1337. If the Royals are abolished — because, say, public support dries up — the estate and its profits revert to the nation.

It is the nation’s property, Charles merely its guardian. So there must be complete transparency over how he spends the millions it makes, just as there is for the Sovereign Grant paid direct to the Royals by the Government.

We’ll say this too. UK taxpayers are fed up enough . . . but spare a thought for the Canadians. Why should THEY fund the Sussexes’ security till the couple are good and ready to move to LA?

They made their bed. They can lie in it. And they’re rich enough already to pay their own bills.

Battler Boris

REMEMBER Remainers claiming Boris Johnson would be Trump’s poodle? How’s that prediction working out?

On Iran he has attacked the President for ditching the multinational nuclear deal without a replacement.

On Huawei he is demanding to know America’s alternative, since they are so violently opposed to the Chinese giant building our 5G network. The Sun ­happens to agree Huawei is a risk, but at least Boris is speaking his mind.

And the PM is at odds with Trump over America’s reluctance to extradite death crash driver Anne Sacoolas.

He must not give up on that. Even the US public wants her to face the music. They recognise the simple injustice of letting her hide in the States, cocking a snook at victim Harry Dunn’s parents.

Not for the first time, though, Boris is proving critics wrong.

Greedy Berc

THE preening, entitled arrogance of ­former Speaker John Bercow was never better exposed than by him blowing £1,000 of public money on a taxi ride.



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Citing wafer-thin security fears, he saved himself a long train journey by taking a cab from Westminster all the way to Nottingham to lecture unfortunate students.

We take great pleasure in knowing that all of Bercow’s anti-democratic Remoaner tricks and verbose interjections were instantly negated by the Tories’ election win and the arrival of an infinitely superior successor.

The Government must block any honour for him, especially the peerage he wants.

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