Thieves try to steal 'hospital worker's' motorbike from car park

Moment brazen thieves try to steal ‘hospital worker’s’ motorbike from busy car park but flee empty-handed after they trigger alarm and patients call police

  • Thieves attempt to steal motorbike outside Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel
  • One of the thugs uses a hammer to break the lock as accomplice keeps watch
  • The motorbike alarm is set off and the pair flee the scene empty-handed 

This is the moment two brazen thieves attempted to steal a motorbike from a London hospital car park in broad daylight.

An astonished onlooker filmed one of the thugs trying to smash the motorcycle’s lock with a hammer outside the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel at 11.40am on June 2.

Footage shows the thief’s accomplice calmly sitting on a scooter, keeping watch, as a car and pedestrians pass by.

But their attempts to steal the motorbike trigger its alarm and the duo – their faces hidden by their helmets – make a swift getaway on their scooter as witnesses call police.

One of the men uses a hammer to break the lock on the motorbike which is parked outside the  Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel on June 2

The brazen thief repeatedly smashes the lock as his accomplice keeps watch outside the hospital

Witness Lisa Jewry, 35, said it was ‘outrageous’ that the two men could target the vehicle, which most likely belonged to an NHS worker, after the hard work carried out by hospital staff amid the pandemic.

She said: ‘It was a beautiful day, there were loads of people sitting around outside the hospital and a long queue outside A&E but these two guys didn’t seem to care how much of an audience they had.

‘The bike was alarmed and had a rain cover on. It was parked in the hospital car park so it more than likely belonged to an NHS worker. 

The motorbike’s alarm is set off and the thief jumps onto his accomplice’s scooter

The pair, whose faces are hidden by their helmets, make a swift getaway on their scooter

‘It’s so outrageous these two would so brazenly target it after the year we’ve had and all the hard work of our hospital staff, especially at the Royal London where we’ve got quite used to seeing the queues of ambulances transporting Covid patients.

‘Someone sitting on a bench nearby was already on the phone to 999 when I started filming. 

‘As the watching crowd gathered, it became clear the thieves weren’t getting very far with the hammer so they made a swift getaway.’

MailOnline has contacted the Metropolitan Police for comment.

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