TikTok prankster slammed for spilling box of MILK over essential workers on subway and making others clean up – The Sun

A 'DESPICABLE' TikTok prankster has been slammed for spilling a box of milk over essential workers on a subway and making other people clean it up.

The young man was riding the four train in New York when he "accidentally" dropped a large box, which was filled with cereal and milk.

"Oh my god, this is the worst day of my life," the prankster complains in a voice over on the 20-second video.

"Everyone started moving away and filming me, but I was like 'can someone help?' Surprisingly no one offered so I had to put all the soggy cereal back in myself."

Passengers on the subway appear to be adhering to social distancing rules and wearing coronavirus face masks.

However, the subject of the video does not have a covering over his mouth.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority reposted the video on Twitter with the caption: "A new low: Pulling a prank on essential workers in the middle of a global pandemic. And making essential workers clean up your mess. Despicable."

The video has created an uproar on social media, with the infamous TikTok "star" even receiving death threats.

One twitter user wrote: "The whole point of wearing a mask is to keep your spit from spreading around when you talk. The fact that he has his mask on his chin while doing this means he could be spreading Corona around endangering all the passengers on the train. I hope someone throat punches him."

While another replied: "Nah, throat punching him would spread the disease even further. Just shoot him."

Others called for the man to be held responsible for his actions.

The repercussions included him being arrested, having to clean the subways overnight for a month and using his tongue to clean up the mess.

Someone also tagged TikTok officials, alongside New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Transit.

The user tweeted them saying: "Please find out who this "prankster" is and hold them responsible. NYC is in the midst of a pandemic crisis, MTA workers are exposing themselves to constant biohazards."

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