Toddler clambers out of cot to give his twin brother a hug and kiss

Brotherly love! Heart-melting moment toddler clambers out of his cot to give his twin brother a hug and kiss

  • Theo climbs over the bars of his cot and walks towards his twin brother Arlo
  • The non-identical twins, who are 23 months, share a warm embrace and a kiss
  • Parents Rebecca and Michael Woodward captured the scenes on baby monitor

A couple were left stunned when their toddler clambered out of his cot and gave his twin brother a morning cuddle.  

Rebecca Woodward and husband Michael, from Derby, had been watching their baby monitor when they spotted their son Theo climb over the bars of his cot and make his way over to his non-identical twin Arlo.

Footage shows the pair, who are both 23 months, share a loving embrace and kiss before Arlo jumps up and down with excitement and throws a soft toy to his brother.

Theo climbs over the bars of his cot and makes his way over to his non-identical twin Arlo at their home in Derby

Theo stands on a feeding chair between the two cots and the twins, who are 23 months, share a warm embrace and kiss 

Mother-of-three Rebecca, 29, said: ‘Theo had very recently discovered how to climb out of his cot.

‘It was a big surprise to us as the cot is on the lowest level so we weren’t anticipating it.

‘He had climbed out the previous two mornings.

‘But then on this particular morning, Michael happened to already be awake at 6am and heard the twins talking on the monitor.

‘He looked at the camera through his phone and quickly pressed record as Theo was just about to climb out.

‘His intention was to record it, to show me how he climbed out later as I was still asleep.’

Ms Woodward, who is also a mother to three-year-old Kaleb, said the scenes were a ‘heart-melting surprise’ and ‘very beautiful to see’.

She continued: ‘What happened next was a heart-melting surprise.

‘Theo gets out, and goes straight over to his twin brother Arlo and gives him a big morning cuddle and kiss.

Arlo throws his soft toy towards his brother before Theo throws the toy back to him 

Mother Rebecca said Arlo and Theo (left and right with their brother Kaleb) shared ‘such a strong bond’

Pictured: Parents Rebecca and Michael with Theo (bottom left), Arlo (centre) and Kaleb (right)

‘Theo and Arlo are non-identical twins and have such a strong bond.

‘Of course they have their many moments of fighting and shouting at each other, just like all siblings do, but you can really see their connection is strong.

‘Both are very compassionate sweet boys, however I do think Theo shows his love more.

‘He’s always there whenever anyone is sad or upset, he’s straight there to give you a hug and kiss.

‘It’s very beautiful to see.’

After Ms Woodward shared the footage on Facebook, social media users praised the bond shared by the twins.

Social media users praised the heartwarming scenes, with one describing the clip as ‘adorable’

One user wrote: ‘A bond like no other. Twins just melt my heart.’

While another added: ‘Omg (sic) this is so cute. Bless them.’

Elsewhere another user commented: ‘I can’t deal with how cute this is.’ 

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