Top private school slammed over gender-neutral plans to rename the position of head girl

FUMING staff at a top private school have slammed gender-neutral plans to rename the position of head girl.

The role will be “head of school” after some pupils asked for the title to be more inclusive.

But staff at the £26,000-a-year establishment claim it sends a message that students have to be “ashamed to be seen as girls”.

A source at St Paul’s Girls’ School in Hammersmith, West London, said: “They should be teaching young women to be proud of their sex.

“How can you be a ­single-sex school that exists to empower girls to do well and at the same time support girls to identify out of being a girl?

“Why would parents want to send their daughters to a school where girls are not happy to be girls?”

Seven out of 778 pupils at the 117-year-old school identify as non-binary.

Officials admitted “binary connotations” were a factor for the change to be adopted for the next academic year.

St Paul’s high mistress Sarah Fletcher said: “We want our students to be happy as themselves.”

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