Top scientists, NHS staff and business chiefs say Covid 'hysteria is worse than virus' – and urge Boris to be 'rational'

TOP scientists, NHS leaders and business chiefs say "hysteria" around Covid-19 is "worse than the virus" as they urge Boris Johnson to take a rational approach to the pandemic.

Experts from a range of fields have joined new group Recovery in a bid to encourage the Government to take a calmer view of coronavirus.

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It comes as:

  • Boris Johnson has been urged to 'save Christmas' after it was claimed the rule of six will remain in place
  • Govt scientists predict second Covid wave could be more deadly than first with ‘lower but longer peak’ death toll
  • The Sun revealed that the ­latest government modelling overseen by chief scientist Sir Patrick Vallance shows more than 25,000 will be in hospital with the virus by the end of November
  • Cops warn they could break up Christmas gatherings
  • Covid deaths are now starting to rise after cases surged when schools and universities resumed in September
  • France and Germany go into their second full lockdowns as cases rise

Leaders from the group will ask No10 to sign up to five 'reasonable demands' for the future.

Officials will be asked to commit to a promise that they'll remember whatever restrictions are in place, life has to be 'worth living'.

Members of Recovery also want ministers to agree to 'behave with humanity' – rather than curbing the freedoms of millions of Brits under strict lockdowns, MailOnline reports.

And they'll ask officials to 'give equal regard to all lives' by not postponing vital treatment for other conditions, and to 'get the economy moving'.

Recovery co-founder Jon Dobinson said: "If we want a decent future for our children, for hospitals to be open for killer diseases like cancer, dementia and heart disease, we have to get back to rational, balanced and cautious debate.

"The Government have lost their heads, bringing forward a welter of counterproductive and confusing legislation that is likely to kill more people than it cures.

"We need a sense of hope and balance. 

"We need a focus on recovery rather than a focus on fear.

"We have an increasingly panic-ridden and rudderless leadership from the Government."

Among others, the campaign is backed by cancer expert Professor Karol Sikora, infectious diseases expert Professor Sunetra Gupta, former Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption, Live Aid promoter Harvey Goldsmith and TV psychologist Emma Kenny.

Leaders have set up committees to look at key areas of concern, including physical and mental health, arts and hospitality, sports and fitness and small businesses.

Earlier this month, thousands of the world's top experts signed the Great Barrington Declaration, which calls for the shielding of vulnerable people so the young can build herd immunity.

Cancer crisis

Up to 50,000 Brits have cancer that hasn’t been diagnosed because of coronavirus disruption, a charity has warned

Officials at Macmillan Cancer Support say tens of thousands of Brits are facing cancers that have gone undiagnosed because of lockdowns.

And they warn a further 33,000 are aware of their cancers – but treatment has been delayed.

It could take 18 months to clear the backlog in a “best case scenario”, the charity warns.

However, the number awaiting diagnosis could ­double to 100,000 within a year if hospitals grind to a halt over winter.

Macmillan says the backlog has been caused by people not going to see their GP, and NHS delays and cancellations.

Lynda Thomas, the charity’s chief executive, said: “Cancer care is at a crossroads and cannot be shut down this winter."

The document, drafted at the American Institute for Economic Research on October 4, has been backed by a wide range range of epidemiologists and public health scientists. 

Signatories claim it would be a major boost to the economy – and say herd immunity will eventually be reached.

If governments backed the document, sporting fixtures would resume, theatres would reopen, workers would return to offices, and there'd be no pub curfews.

The declaration reads: “Keeping [lockdown] measures in place until a vaccine is available will cause irreparable damage, with the underprivileged disproportionately harmed.

“Fortunately, our understanding of the virus is growing.

“We know that vulnerability to death from Covid-19 is more than a thousand-fold higher in the old and infirm than the young.

“Indeed, for children, Covid-19 is less dangerous than many other harms, including influenza."

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