Topless woman trashes Denny’s restaurant in California after going on rampage – The Sun

A TOPLESS woman trashed a Denny's restaurant after going on a rampage, reports say.

TMZ shared shocking footage of the half-naked lady smashing plates in the South California eatery.

Horrified bystanders collecting their food witnessed the enraged woman systematically wrecking the restaurant Thursday.

Her destructive spree was captured on video as witnesses saw her grabbing plates in the seating area and throwing them on the ground.

Employees and customers can be heard shouting at the topless terrorizer as she continued flinging dishes on the floor.

"Shut the f*** up, man," was her only response when one person implored her to stop.

Cops soon arrived to cuff the irate plate-flinger and brought her into custody.

Local police told TMZ they had received a strange call about a woman stripping off at a bus stop before heading over to Denny's.

Officers think she was under the influence at the time of the incident but she will reportedly undergo a mental evaluation, according to the publication.

The SoCal restaurant in Hawthorne was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The deadly has ravaged hard-hit states like California, New York, and Washington state, killing over 54,000 Americans and resulting in mass business closures.

Like other restaurants, Denny's is still open for online order pickups.

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