Two National Guard members injured in DC lightning strike

Two National Guard members deployed to patrol Washington, DC amid widespread protests in the city were injured by a lightning strike early Friday morning, a report said.

The members were near Lafayette Square when lightning hit the area near them and they were injured by the strike, NBC News reported.

They were rushed to an area hospital with serious injures, but expected to survive, according to the report.

Earlier this week, US Park Police forcefully cleared protesters out of the square before President Trump posed with a bible in front of nearby St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Trump said on Wednesday that he did not know Park Police would use smoke canisters and pepper balls to push back protesters who had been occupying the site for days.

“Now, when I said, ‘Go to the church’, I didn’t know protesters or not. Nobody tells me that. They say, ‘Yes, sir. We’ll go to the church.’ So we walked over to the church,” Trump said in a radio interview Wednesday.

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