UK weather forecast – 700-mile 'Canadian vortex' to smash Britain with 60mph wind this week before FROST on Bank Holiday

A 700-MILE 'Canadian low pressure vortex' is set to smash the UK with 60mph winds this week.

Forecasters have warned the winds will come before a drop in temperature – with the winter's first frost set to fall on the Bank Holiday weekend.

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for gusts up to 60mph for England and Wales on Tuesday and Wednesday, meaning delays on the roads are likely.

Forecasters MeteoGroup said the storm could be named, with more parts of Britain expected to be hit by the winds than Storm Ellen in recent days.

MeteoGroup forecaster Paul Mott said: "There's certainly the chance the storm will be named, especially with potential for the strongest winds to be more widespread than Storm Ellen, and with so many people being on holiday.

“Peak wind gust speeds similar to Elllen are a risk, with 60mph or a bit higher possible in the West.

"The low pressure is coming from just south of Newfoundland. It will be an unpleasant couple of days when it arrives."

Highs of 16-21C highs are due over the next week – before a dip in temperature is set to bring frost for the Bank Holiday weekend.

A Met Office forecaster said: "The Bank Holiday weekend should see temperatures near or slightly below average, with potential for frost overnight.

"But it will feel warm in any sunnier spells. The South looks driest."

The chilly spell is most likely to hit the North while the Environment Agency has also warned of further flooding.

Winds will be lighter today, with showers scattered across the country.

Monday morning this week will see heavier rains across the south before brightening up to highs of 20C in the afternoon.

The rainfall could spark further flooding on Tuesday, with the Environment Agency warning: "Local flooding is possible across England on Tuesday and Wednesday as a result of heavy rain, with local river flooding possible in the North, West and far South."

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