UK weather – Subzero temperatures to freeze UK until Easter with frost & snow to hit parts of Britain

SUBZERO temperatures are set to hit the UK until Easter with frost and snow expected to cover parts of the country.

After this week started on a warm note, Brits will need to brace for colder weather conditions over the next few days.

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Cold air is set to move in the UK from the Arctic region, with the mercury dropping below zero.

Met Office meteorologist Clare Nasir said a light breeze will make temperatures fall today, with the mercury plummeting to -3C in Northern Ireland overnight.

Some fog will also form in southern parts of Northern Ireland, East Wales and North West England.

The forecaster said it will be frosty for some as temperatures fall close to freezing, particularly in the countryside.


Ms Nasir said the breeze will keep temperatures up in the East.

She added: "Across England and Wales it's really the East where we will see that cold, biting wind coming in from the North and North West."

The forecaster said there will be some showers through the day as clouds thicken.

The Environment Agency has issued 16 flood alerts across England – which means flooding is possible and those living in the area should be prepared.

In the West, Wednesday will be a bright day with widespread sunshine.

The weather will turn colder after Brits enjoyed two warm days on Monday and Tuesday.

In Pershore, Worcestershire, the mercury hit 17.9C yesterday – well above the 10C March average.

The mercury soared to 17.3C in Cardiff making it the warmest day of the year so far in Wales.

And people in Edinburgh enjoyed highs of 15.4C – the hottest day of 2021 in Scotland and warmer than Barcelona where it was 15C.

Northern Ireland also recorded warm temperatures, with the mercury reaching 14.8C in Derrylin yesterday.

But forecasters have warned of an Arctic blast of cold air heading for the UK this week, which will make temperatures plummet.

Winds will hit with blustery conditions, especially in Scotland and along North Sea coasts.

The freezing cold is set to stay until the beginning of next month, with temperatures plunging as low as -4C in central Scotland and -2c in Cumbria on April 1, weather maps show.

According to Netweather, between March 29 and April 4 showers with a risk of thunder could hit the UK.

Some sleet or snow will be possible on hills in the North and East, with overnight frost expected.

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