UK weather tomorrow: 2ins of rain overnight and showers in day will drench Brits before sun returns

TWO inches of rain overnight and heavy showers during the day tomorrow will drench Brits before the sun returns later in the week.

Outbreaks of rain will cover most of the country on Monday, with breeze expected during the day.

Gusts of 30-40mph are set to hit hardest in western UK overnight and into the morning.

Temperatures will be around 22C tomorrow, with the highest ones in the South East.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna told Sun Online: "Today we've seen sunshine and showers.

"Now showers are easing, so it will become a bit drier in most areas of the country for a while this evening.

"But then, further rain is pushing in from the South West, reaching most areas of the country as we go into the early hours of the morning on Monday.

"This means most areas will be cloudy, with outbreaks of rain."

Heavy downpours are expected to cover most of the UK, but the far South and South East of England will be missing the worst of the rain, Mr Petagna said.

The forecaster added: "The north of Scotland will have some clear spells as well, but elsewhere – Northern Ireland, southern Scotland, northern England, the Midlands, Wales and the South West – will be quite wet during the night.

"It will stay pretty wet in most areas in the morning tomorrow – with northern England, parts of west Wales and southern Scotland seeing the heaviest rain.

"During the afternoon, the heaviest rain will tend to pull out into the North Sea, so most areas will become a bit more showery later into the day."

There are no warnings in place at the moment, but the Met Office said there will be a lot of water on the road because of the heavy rain.

The heavy rain could create puddles, which means drivers will need to be very careful when on the road.

The weather will be breezy tomorrow, with mild temperatures expected in most parts of the UK, the forecaster added.

The rest of the week will see more sunshine and warm temperatures.

On Friday, highs of 29C are expected in the South East of the country.

Mr Petagna said: "On Tuesday, we will be back into sunshine and showers and a bit of northwestern breeze.

"From Wednesday onwards, it will be drier, with warmer temperatures.

"It will become quite warm in the second half of the week, reaching 29C in the South East of the country on Friday."

Thunderstorms kept "rumbling away" across parts of England last night as the Met Office warned of "hefty downpours".

Yesterday's rain and storms moved east, covering most parts of southern England and showers also hit the west overnight.

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