Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews leaves hospital

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has been discharged from hospital to begin his rehabilitation for a spinal injury at home, The Alfred’s director of trauma services Professor Mark Fitzgerald said in a statement on Monday morning.

Professor Fitzgerald said the team of specialists caring for Mr Andrews was pleased with his progress, though reinforced the importance of time in healing from such serious injuries.

“Mr Andrews has responded well without surgery so far, and the work to improve his strength and mobility must now begin,” Professor Fitzgerald said.

“As the rehabilitation journey gets underway, we will watch closely for any signs of worsening spinal stability or alignment, as well as the development of other complications.”

Prof Fitzgerald said when a person had a spinal injury of this nature, stability and alignment of the spine could be maintained without surgery.

“When upright, a brace is worn to stabilise the spine, maintain alignment, and help to control pain. Physiotherapy treatment is key at this time.

“Any deterioration may lead to a need for surgery down the track, however we are gradually progressing in the right direction at this time,” Prof Fitzgerald said.

More to come.

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