Video shows looters ransacking storefronts in Philadelphia

Viral video shows looters in Philadelphia plundering storefronts in the city’s main shopping district — leaving widespread carnage amid ongoing unrest in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

The footage, shot Saturday by a man on a bike, shows City Center in chaos, with shattered windows and shuttered stores covered in graffiti — as large crowds fill the streets and looters raid the businesses in broad daylight.

At one point, a man is seen running out of an Urban Outfitters store while holding a burning mannequin to widespread applause, as someone is heard saying, “Well done, go team!”

“I didn’t get anything,” another person says.

“That was me, yo,” one man says while holding up his hand, as another person tries to stomp out the burning mannequin behind him.

Another man is also seen throwing a large object at a police cruiser parked in front of an Apple store covered in graffiti, including with the acronym ACAB — short for “All cops are bastards” — footage shows.

The man who filmed the video — who wants to remain anonymous — said he was riding his bike through Center City when he heard an explosion, prompting him to pull out his iPhone and start filming.

“I asked somebody, ‘What’s going on?’” he told Newsflare. “They told me a cop car had exploded.”

The footage was later posted to Reddit and racked up tens of thousands of views before being removed by site.


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