Viral video shows Staten Island store mob screaming at woman without mask

Viral video shows a mob of Staten Island grocery-store shoppers screaming at a customer who wasn’t wearing a mask.

The furious crowd yelled, “Get out!” “Get the f–k out of here!” and”You’re a loser, bro!” at the woman at the ShopRite, according to footage posted on Facebook on Saturday and later wildly shared on Twitter and other online sites.

When a man yelled after the woman, “Dirty ass pig!” a female customer added, “Dirty ass ho!”

One man pulled his mask down around his chin to yell at the lady.

“What happens in Staten Island when you don’t wear a mask at ShopRite!” Facebook poster Christine Lynn wrote above the footage on her page.

Christine wrote that a friend had sent her the video.

“I think video shows shameful humans at their finest,” Christine said when responding to a comment.

The other person added, “Agreed. Working in a supermarket has shown me how ugly peoples can be.”

Christine wrote, “I get ppl are anxious NO reason to act the way some of them are…especially guy following her to scream at her and call her a pig!”

When someone wrote, “Question! Why is everyone so angry??? The’re wearing masks after all, aren’t they safe???” Christine replied, “they’re staten Islanders – this is how they act when they can! They were chasing her to yell at her – obviously not afraid of her!”

Someone wrote, “Same sh-t as the [local] stop and shop.”

Another person added, “this happen yesterday at my target neither were wearing masks though but one was mad the other wasn’t social distancing.”

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