Wedding videographer taunts fiance of dead bride-to-be on planned wedding day after ‘feud over refund’ – The Sun

A WEDDING videography company mocked the fiance of a dead bride-to-be on the planned day of their wedding following a dispute over the fee.

Alexis Wyatt tragically died in a car accident in Colorado in February.

She was to marry Justin Montney on May 23.

"Today would have been the day where we would have filmed Justin and Alexis' wedding," Copper Stallion Media wrote on Saturday, according to The Denver Channel.

"After what Justin pulled with the media stunt to try and shake us down for a refund we hope you sob and cry all day for what would have been your wedding day."

Copper Stallion Media redirected its entire business to a website called and attacked Montney for trying to "shake us down."

The argument started when Montney tried to get a refund for the $1,800

The company did express its condolences, but indicated that "services are non-refundable under the terms of our contract."

The company later accused Montney in engaging in a "smear campaign" against CSM after saying it received 75 one-star reviews online in a matter of hours.

CSM also said it received some "colorful" emails.

"We understand a death occurred, but it's not right for people to turn to the internet and sodomize the reputation of a company," the company wrote.

"This is malice and the intent was to do harm.

"We know Justin is still young and in his 20s but this was wrong.

"He could have quietly filed a small claim to 'try' to recoup the non-refundable deposit.

"Instead, he chose the internet to shake us down."

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