Weightlifting squirrels show off strength in hilarious snaps after crafty photographer leaves nut ‘barbells’ in garden

WEIGHTLIFTING squirrels have shown off their strength in hilarious snaps after a crafty photographer left nut "barbells" in his garden.

Geert Weggen, 52, took the pictures in a forest near his home in Bispgarden, Sweden.

He cleverly created the scene with nuts to attract the brawny red squirrels.

He said: “I created a place outside and put up the scene with the nuts.

“Squirrels visit my garden every day searching for food I hide or lay out.

“It took me some days to capture these photos and they were taken from a three meter distance."

Mr Weggen explained how he enticed the squirrels to lift the "weights".

“I put nuts together with a pin and hung them in the air. Above it I hung some food so that the squirrels had to grab to pin with nuts and climb in it to get to the food.

“There are about six different red squirrels living in the forest around my house who visit me daily.

“Some are very shy and run away when I approach them, others climb on me and let me touch them. Mostly they take care of themselves and do not need my food to survive.”

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