What happened to Sarm Heslop and who's her boyfriend Ryan Bane?

BRIT Sarm Heslop vanished off a yacht while sailing with her boyfriend in the Carribean.

A search is underway in the Caribbean, around the US Virgin Islands, for the 41-year-old after Ryan Bane told cops she might have fallen overboard

What happened to Sarm Heslop?

Heslop, from Southampton, had gone to bed on the boat called the Siren Song on March 7 after having dinner with her boyfriend on the island of St. John.

Bane was woken at 2am on March 8 when the anchor alarm on the charter yacht went off and he discovered Heslop had disappeared.

At 11.46am, some 10 hours later, he alerted the US Coast Guard.

A dog walker on the island of St John has now claimed he heard a scream during the time she vanished from her boyfriend’s catamaran.

Friends, along with help from locals and the cops, have since launched a massive hunt for the missing woman.

Sarm, who has previously worked as a flight attendant and in call centres, has been living in the area since the beginning of 2020. 

Who's her boyfriend Ryan Bane?

Ryan Bane is a 44-year-old American charter captain and he has told cops she might have fallen overboard in the night.

The pair had gone to sleep at around 10pm, and “at 2am he woke up and realised that she was not on board”.

The Times reports that he has been left “distraught” by the disappearance.

“The last message I had from him was ‘I’m in pieces’,” said Flora Pickard, a friend of the couple.

“He is totally distraught. He doesn’t like being in the public spotlight, it’s not his style.

"He just pursues his dream of living quietly on a yacht with his dog. He really is so confused.”

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