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KODIE Dutcher was found dead near a highway in Wisconsin just hours after an Amber Alert was issued for her.

The 10-year-old's death has since prompted many to question who her parents are, as they have not been named and did not attend their daughter's Tuesday vigil.

Who was Kodie Dutcher?

An Amber Alert was issued Monday night after Kodie Dutcher, 10, vanished in Wisconsin.

Kodie, a 4-foot-nine-inch tall girl from Wisconsin, was later found dead near a highway in Wisconsin.

The grim discovery came hours after an Amber Alert was issued for Kodie, 10, who cops said "may have taken an unknown amount of pills."

The young girl had blue eyes, blonde hair, and weighed approximately 110 pounds.

Before she was found, police said she may have been wearing overalls and urged anyone with information on Kodie's whereabouts to call the Baraboo Police Department at 608.355.2720.

What happened to her?

Kodie's body was discovered by police at 11am in an area close to 11th Street and County Highway T, near her home in Baraboo.

Authorities issued the alert late Monday night as police frantically searched for the "endangered" missing girl.

She was last seen on Monday, July 6 in the 1100 block of 12th Street in Baraboo.

"We believe she did leave on her own. And we do believe that she may be in danger due to the ingestion of some medications," Baraboo Police Cpt Rob Sinden told WKOW.

Kodie's family was notified just before the discovery was made public, according to the news station.

Early on Tuesday morning, cops told The Sun that the hunt for the 10-year-old would continue from 7am local time when they would be "gathering further information."

"Kodie is suspected to have taken an unknown amount of pills and may be suicidal," the Amber Alert stated. "Emergency Services have checked the area but have not been able to locate Kodie."

Her body has since been found, but a cause of death has not yet been revealed.

What did she write in the note?

Before Kodie disappeared, she left a note behind that read: "Mom, I love you, but I can’t do it. Bye."

Kodie also left behind her cellphone and shoes.

How long was she missing for?

Kodie has gone missing for a total of 19 hours.

She was last seen on Monday, July 6 at around 4pm and was found dead the following morning at 11am by a National Guard helicopter.

Kodie's body was found less than a mile from her home in a corn field.

Speaking at a Tuesday press conference, Lt. Ryan LaBroscian, a spokesperson for the Baraboo Police Department, said: "The last contact that the mother had with her was at 4pm via a Facebook chat or some sort of video chat.

“When mom arrived home from work that’s when she discovered her missing. And that was approximately 4.40pm, 4.30pm.”

Who are her parents?

Kodie's parents, who remain unnamed and haven't yet spoken publicly, were reportedly in attendance during the search for their daughter.

However, Kodie's mom, a registered nurse according to her Facebook, revealed the heartbreaking news about her daughter in a Tuesday post.

Her mom wrote: "So the most devastating news was given to me tonight. They located my daughters body but she was already gone.

"This is every mother’s worst night terror! Thank you all who took the time to look and pray.

"At least I know where she is and the worst is over for her. I am a mess as you can imagine. I am beyond stressed out thank you to everyone who has reached out."

Kodie and her family moved to Wisconsin in April and extended family that was living in the area had only been living there for a year, LaBroscian said.

He explained that the girl was only in her new school for about two weeks before COVID-19 prompted school to close.

The girl's mom reportedly told police officers: "Kodie was happy here."
She also claimed Kodie had been looking forward to an upcoming camping trip.

Authorities said Kodie's recent social media activity – which her mom had "very tight control over" – had shown "nothing out of the ordinary."

LaBroscian also explained that Kodie's mom had informed investigators that her daughter had not shown any signs of recent self-harm.

An investigation into Kodie's death remains underway.

Did her parents attend their daughter's vigil?

According to Fox11News, a Tuesday vigil was held in honor of Kodie – which her parents did not attend.

Kodie's parents were reportedly too tired to attend the vigil but were able to watch it on the internet.

The vigil's organizer read the following statement: "We were in awe at the response of this community.

"From the police department, to the volunteers, to the fire department and EMS who stayed with us all afternoon, to the counselors and other individuals who literally held us up/together as our world shattered around us."

It continued: "Kodie was such an amazing, silly, and loving kid. We are heartbroken.

"Thank you to everyone who donated their time and resources, who prayed and lent support."

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