Who was Walter Mondale's daughter Eleanor Mondale?

FORMER Vice President Walter Mondale and his wife Joan had three children –  Theodore Adams, Eleanor Jane, and William Hall.

Eleanor, the couple's only daughter, died aged 51 in 2011 after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Who was Walter Mondale's daughter Eleanor Mondale?

Eleanor Mondale was born in Minneapolis on January 19, 1960, the second of her parents Walter and Joan's three children.

After graduating from college, she auditioned for parts in television and movies.

She had small parts in several shows, including Three's Company and Dynasty.

During her father Walter Mondale's failed run for the presidency as the Democratic candidate in the 1984 election, she appeared on the campaign trail.

The following year, she claimed having a well-known parent had been more of a hindrance than a help to her acting career.

She told Newsweek: “The exposure didn’t hurt.

"But being Walter Mondale’s daughter doesn’t make me a good actress. I have to prove myself five times over. I have to overcompensate.”

Eleanor became a career in radio journalism in the late 1980s, and appeared regularly on Howard Stern's E! TV Show.

A former Secret Service officer guarding the Oval Office claims Eleanor had an affair with President Bill Clinton during his time in office.

She was also who was romantically linked with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Don Henley, the drummer from The Eagles.

Eleanor married three times, to Keith Van Horne, a former tackle for the Chicago Bears, in 1988, to a DJ called Greg Malban in 1991 and Chan Poling, a musician, in 1995.

What was Eleanor Mondale's cause of death?

In 2005, Eleanor suffered two brain seizures while she was on a camping trip.

She was diagnosed with brain cancer and began receiving chemotherapy and radiation.

A year after starting her treatment, she returned to radio, hosting a morning show on WCCO-AM in Minneapolis.

But in March, 2009, she quit her job after the cancer returned, forcing her to undergo surgery to remove a tumour in August that year.

She died at home in Minnesota on September 17, 2011, aged 51.

Her father paid tribute to her as"a wonderful daughter.

Mr. Mondale said: “A great spirit, a lot of courage.

"She fought this stuff almost six years now, and never a whimper.”

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