‘Wolf of Wall Street wannabe’ brags after horror crash in £40k BMW with ‘illegal tyres’ during lockdown – The Sun

A WOLF of Wall Street wannabe has bragged about a horror crash in his £40k BMW during coronavirus lockdown.

Jordan Homer, 24, totalled his flash motor just four months after buying it when he flipped over on the M3 near Winchester, Hants.

But the trader later quipped to his 11,000 Instagram followers that at least his pricey Gucci slider flip flops had survived the crash.

Jordan, from Southampton, said: “It was a second hand car worth £40,000, but it will be a write-off.

“Surprisingly I’ve only got a small cut on my body – I probably put my hand on a bit of glass as obviously the car was upside down."

A lot of people have noticed my Gucci slider which was in my boot and it slapped my face as we were flipping around and landed on my lap.

He added: “A lot of people have noticed my Gucci slider which was in my boot and it slapped my face as we were flipping around and landed on my lap.

“You’ve got to look at the bright side of these things if I get upset about everything then it’s going to be an issue and people are going to be like ‘oh you’re crying’, so I thought I’d remain positive.”

Jordan lost control when his car aquaplaned – something police say was caused by his use of incorrect tyres.

Hampshire Constabulary said the tyres didn’t meet the minimum required tread depth and this was why his BMW flipped.

Jordan claims to earn a six figure salary Forex trading and his Instagram is littered with photos of him posing with Dom Perignon champagne and Rolexes in front of iconic landmarks and idyllic beach views.

Other photos show him gloating over wads of cash and parading round his Louis Vuitton shopping bags.

However, followers on social media have accused him of being irresponsible and said he should have splashed his cash on safer tyres instead of designer gear.

Its' frustrating… it was a completely necesarry trip

One follower called him a “donut” and advised him to invest his high salary in some driving lessons, while another branded him as a “Wolf of Wall Street wannabe” – but one that “couldn’t afford tyres for his car”.

Jordan disputes that his tread depth was illegal and explained that he was out and about during lockdown to pick up a bike for exercise – not flouting social distancing rules.

Jordan said: “It’s frustrating as [it's been made out online to] make me seem like the young person disobeying the laws going out when social distancing – it was a completely necessary trip.

“I did everything correctly and it was just unfortunate that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Hants Road Policing blamed the tyres for the accident and said the vehicle 'lost control due to lack of grip and aquaplaned'.

They tweeted: "Please check the inside as well as outside tread of your tyres. Especially if you have high power rear wheel drive car with wide wheels.

"This one was under the legal tread depth which will explain why its now upside down. No injuries this time thankfully."

Hampshire Constabulary said Jordan’s tyres did not meet the minimum required tread depth – but he claims they were "well over the limit" and that he is pursuing overturning the three points on his licence with police.

Jordan said: “The police said there was nobody at fault it was just one of those things – aquaplaning happens.

“The tires are absolutely fine – the police measured the rest of the treads and they were all about 4mm worth of tread depth – which is 2.5mm over the legal requirements."

A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary said: “We were called just before 12.40pm to a report of a vehicle overturned on the hard shoulder of the M3 southbound between junctions 8 and 9 near Winchester.

"No injuries were reported. The driver was reported for having tyres which did not meet the minimum required tread depth.”

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