Woman hailed a 'genius' for revealing bizarre way she eats duck pancakes

A WOMAN has been hailed a "genius” for bizarre way she eats duck pancakes.

Sabrina Corrin Moore, 25, from Northumbria, revealed her mess-free secret to enjoying the Chinese delicacy on TikTok.

In the video she loads up her fork with duck and shredded celery, before dunking it in hoisin sauce.

Instead of wrapping the ingredients she then holds a pancake in front of her mouth and pushes the fork in.

This way the tasty duck and veg is kept in a form of pancake pocket – without any ingredients dropping out.


Explaining the method to her madness, Sabrina says: "I don't eat duck and pancakes the same way as everybody else does while they're at home.

"I put a bit of everything on the fork, dip it in the sauce, hold the pancake over your face and just push it all straight in."

Her video has been viewed more than a million fans with thousands of fans now lauding Sabrina unconventional technique.

After sharing the clip on Twitter it was liked by more 10,000 people who labelled her a “visionary” and "genius".

One woman said: “OBSESSED with the way this lass eats duck pancakes. A visionary.”

Another tweeted: "Everyone is going to start eating their duck and pancakes like this."

One wrote: "That duck pancake move is smooth."

A third commented: "You have put me in the mood for a Chinese and it’s not even 9 o'clock in the morning yet."

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