Woman poses in nothing but a THONG for Instagram pic… while surrounded by kids at public swimming pool

CHILDREN swimming at a public pool got the view of their lives when a woman was seen in a barely visible bikini posing for a photo.

The woman is seen with her butt rising from the surface of the water while she leans on her arm against the edge of the pool, in a video posted to the popular TikTok account @influencersinthewild.

As she poses in the itty bitty teenie weenie bikini, her friend stands over her head while spending time to adjust angles to get the perfect shot while men in the background and kids splashing around with floaties watch on.

“This is totally appropriate right?” the caption for the post reads.

Viewers were quick to slam the woman, wearing the little white thong, for demonstrating the “perfect learning situation, what not to do at a public pool.”

“She’s about a kilometer of fabric away from not being able to live within 3 miles of a school the rest of her life,” a user quipped.

While some users commented that they “don’t see the issue,” others agreed it was inappropriate after watching it “thoroughly 15 times.”

 “Okay, I take pics just like she does but I would NEVER do it around kids,” another commenter claimed.

The Influencers In The Wild account is run by George Resch – a comedian who blasted to fame making memes under the names Tank Sinatria and Meme Daddy.

Influencers in the Wild has often made news for its behind-the-scenes videos showing social media influencers in embarrassing and ridiculous situations trying to get the perfect shot.

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