Woman viciously headbutts fellow shopper 'for refusing to wear a mask'

Woman is caught on camera HEADBUTTING a fellow shopper ‘who refused to wear a mask’ to enter shop in London

  • A woman headbutts, punches, kicks and drags another by the hair in the attack
  • The violent fight and abusive shouting match goes on for more than a minute
  • An onlooker urges the Co-op shop to ‘fire its security’ after guard does nothing 
  • The incident is thought to have happened at a Whitechapel garage on Friday

A woman has viciously attacked a fellow shopper for apparently ‘refusing to wear a face mask’ while in a London shop.

Dramatic footage shows the moment one woman headbutts the other outside a Co-op petrol station before dragging her inside.

Moments earlier, a group of women queuing to get into the shop were arguing as one apparently refused to put on a face mask.

Onlookers shouted: ‘Wear your mask!’. 

Video caught the moment one woman viciously headbutted another for apparently refusing to wear a mask in a London Co-op 

Once inside the shop, the attacker punches and kicks the other woman who is now lying on the ground as a member of staff appears to stand by watching. 

A third woman attempts to stop a man filming the attack as other bystanders enter the shop to try and break up the fight.

The dramatic incident was caught on camera by a Nigerian podcaster, who shared the video on his social media accounts. 

He enters the shop as the attacking woman, whose own mask is now pulled down under her chin, furiously shouts and points at the other woman. 

The podcaster tries to stop the confrontation, saying ‘It’s enough, you’ve done enough’ and urging the victim of the brutal beatdown to pick up her belongings that fell on the floor during the fight. 

The attacker, whose own mask was pulled down under her chin, shouted and pointed at the woman after kicking and punching her, even dragging her by the hair at one point

Security at the shop has been criticised for not attempting to intervene in the assault, with the man filming the footage asking the guard ‘What the f**k did you do?’ and urging the shop to ‘Fire your security now!’

The camera then turns on the shop’s security, as the man criticises the security guard who was nowhere to be seen during the assault for just standing by.

‘Security what the f**k did you do? You were holding the door. You didn’t do sh**’

The victim asks the man why he is filming everything, to which he responds that he has to record everything ‘for public property’.

The attacking woman then goes to the counter to by cigarette papers, while continuing to shout and threaten the other woman from a distance.

‘I’m going to break your f**king throat. I promise you if my card is broken, you’re f**king going to pay for it.’

The cameraman heads to the counter to buy his own cigarettes, yelling at the clerks to ‘Fire your security now!’ 

After the attack, the woman continues to shout and threaten the other, saying she will kill her if her card has been broken in the fray

He then appears to compliment the woman on her ability to fight, even offering to buy her items. 

Later in the more than five-minute video, both women and their companions appear to be attempting to restart the fight outside before eventually walking off after the cameraman says the police have been called.

The Metropolitan Police were not able to provide additional information about the incident, which is believed to have occurred at a Co-op petrol station in Whitechapel on Friday night.

The Co-op did not respond to a MailOnline request for comment at the time of this article’s publication.  

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