'Insecure' Could Be Primed to Really Blow Up Because of HBO Max

In the early 2010s, Issa Rae broke through with her web series Awkward Black Girl. That early success ultimately gave way to Rae’s own comedy-drama on HBO. And since 2016, Insecure has become one of the network’s most popular series.

Now with the launch of HBO Max, the timing could be right for Insecure to become one of the platform’s signature programs. Here’s why we think fans of Rae’s work have a lot more to look forward to.

Star Issa Rae is having a breakout year in 2020

Even people who have never seen a single episode of Insecure have probably heard of Rae. The actress has gained a much larger profile in the past couple of years. Sure, part of this is due to the growing popularity of her show. But Rae has also been branching into movies.

In 2018, Rae played a civil rights attorney in acclaimed drama The Hate U Give. Then in 2019, she starred opposite Regina Hall in the hit comedy Little. Rae also voiced the mom in the Oscar-winning animated short film Hair Love, based on the children’s book of the same name.

So far, 2020 has been the most high-profile year yet for Rae. She’s starred in two major movies. First, she played opposite Lakeith Stanfield (Get Out) in romantic drama The Photograph. And Rae and Kumail Nanjiani share the screen in the Netflix-released The Lovebirds.

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HBO Max will help the show reach a new audience

Although HBO has always remained successful, the premium network has enjoyed its most popular time in years thanks to Game of Thrones. But the cost of a subscription probably still left some consumers unwilling to invest in HBO’s award-winning original programming.

With HBO Max in the picture, that buyer hesitation is likely on the wane. After all, HBO Max subscribers get much more than HBO originals. The streaming service includes a vast library of movies and TV shows from companies like DC, Studio Ghibli, Cartoon Network, and TCM.

As such, the HBO original programming can potentially reach a much larger audience. Just like Netflix, HBO Max subscribers who catch wind of Insecure will have easy access to the show. As one of the most-talked-about HBO series, Rae’s comedy-drama could become a breakout hit all over again.

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‘Insecure’ offers a real perspective in a timely way

Rae’s career is on the rise, and Insecure is more available than ever. But both of these points belie the show’s biggest strength. In creating a show that speaks directly to her own perspective, Rae has shown many viewers a story they’ve never quite seen before. To other fans, Insecure perfectly captures their own life.

The show aims to illustrate the black experience in a modern context. And contrary to misconceptions, that kind of representation attracts intense fandom. Rae has worked hard to convey her own personal journey on screen. And in focusing on something so specific, Insecure has found a universal theme that can resonate with any viewer.

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Lance Armstrong still bitter at ‘piece of s–t’ Floyd Landis

Any simmering Chicago Bulls feuds have nothing on Lance Armstrong’s animosity towards former cycling teammate Floyd Landis.

In ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary about his rise and fall, Armstrong says, “It could be worse. I could be Floyd Landis … waking up a piece of s–t every day.”

Is that what he really thinks?

“That’s what I know,” Armstrong said. “I don’t think it. I know it.”

There were tensions between Armstrong and Landis during their careers, but it was Landis’ self-admission of doping and accusations against Armstrong in 2010 that ultimately led to the collapse of Armstrong’s empire as a seven-time Tour de France Champion and American sports icon with sponsorship deals and the Livestrong charity.

Landis, who was stripped of his 2006 Tour de France win, later filed a whistleblower lawsuit against Armstrong. They reached a settlement, with Armstrong reportedly owing $6.65 million to Landis, his attorneys and the government.

“I hope he’s changed, and I hope he finds some peace,” Landis said of Armstrong during the documentary. “I don’t know why people can’t move on, but here we are.”

After ESPN’s “The Last Dance” documentary about the Bulls, Horace Grant — and allegedly Scottie Pippen — didn’t like how they were portrayed by Michael Jordan.

But Armstrong took it to the next level with his former teammate.

After Armstrong’s “piece of s–t” remarks about Landis were teased in a preview to the documentary, Landis responded on ESPN Radio two weeks ago.

“I have some empathy for him because I went through some real public humiliation and it hurts,” Landis said, according to CyclingWeekly.com. “You want to blame somebody and sometimes it’s easier to find the most obvious thing or person and blame them. He can blame me. Maybe it would still be a secret if it wasn’t for me.

“I had to come clean. He’s obviously not happy about that. I hope he finds some peace in his life. I don’t have any further animosity towards him.”

Landis admittedly was angry at being cast as the fall guy in a sport where performance-enhancing drug use was rampant at the time. Armstrong claims he began doping in 1995 and continued after his bout with testicular cancer through 2005.

“Lance didn’t invent doping,” Landis said in the documentary. “It wasn’t his idea.”

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Heartbroken family pays tribute to teacher, 25, who drowned swimming in river during lockdown – The Sun

A HEARTBROKEN family has paid tribute to a teacher who drowned while swimming in a river during a sizzling lockdown weekend.

Lewis Howlett, 25, died after going missing on a stretch of the River Aire, in the Kirkstall area of Leeds, on Saturday evening.

Friends raised the alarm but his body was recovered from the water in the early hours of the following day.

His family said they were “devastated” by his death.

He was loved by all who knew him and our lives will never be the same without him.

A statement read: “He was loved by all who knew him and our lives will never be the same without him.”

Lewis was described as an “astonishing” teacher who was admired by pupils and staff, colleagues at The Farnley Academy said.


Principal Chris Stokes said: “At just 25 years old, Lewis was an absolute rising star.

“He was in his third year with us at The Farnley Academy and was known and respected by all.

“Lewis’ ability to teach English was just astonishing. Having personally witnessed him teach on a number of occasions he sought every opportunity to bring the subject to life.

At just 25 years old, Lewis was an absolute rising star.

“Whilst standing in Lewis’ classroom this morning, admiring his wall of thank you cards from students, it is so abundantly clear that Lewis had so much more to give.

“Had he had the opportunity, he would have gone on to achieve great things for our school and the wider teaching profession.

“Our community is absolutely devastated by his untimely death.”


Police and fire service in the area has now issued a warning to those thinking of taking a dip in the river to cool off during the hot weather.

Detective Inspector James Entwistle, of Leeds District CID, said: “This is an absolutely tragic loss of the life of a young man, and his family and friends have been left completely devastated.

“Although we are still working to establish the full circumstances of this incident to assist the Coroner, his death does appear to starkly illustrate the dangers of swimming in open water.

“We hope that people will recognise the risks and the tragic consequences that can occur and avoid swimming in open water, no matter how tempting it might be in the hot weather.”

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service’s District Commander for Leeds, Andy Farrell, said: “We urge people to be extremely vigilant around open water.

“Even if you consider yourself to be a strong swimmer, you can suddenly get out of your depth or be taken unawares by hidden undercurrents or cold water shock.”

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Trump says Biden staffers are working to ‘get the Anarchists out of jail’

President Trump on Monday commented on a report that campaign staffers for Joe Biden donated to a Minnesota organization that is paying bail for protesters to say they are helping to “get the Anarchists out of jail.”

“Sleepy Joe Biden’s people are so Radical Left that they are working to get the Anarchists out of jail, and probably more. Joe doesn’t know anything about it, he is clueless, but they will be the real power, not Joe. They will be calling the shots! Big tax increases for all, Plus!,” the president said on Twitter.

Moments later he tweeted about election day: “NOVEMBER 3RD.”

At least 13 members of the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate’s staff have donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which opposes suspects from having to post cash bail to avoid being locked up before trial, according to a report on Saturday.

Protests and violent riots have been taking place in Minneapolis – and cities around the country – since George Floyd died after a police officer kneeled on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes even as he pleaded: “I can’t breathe.”

A Biden campaign spokesman, Andrew Bates, told Reuters that the former vice president opposes the institution of cash bail as a “modern day debtors’ prison.”

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Magnum ice cream and Calippos urgently recalled from UK supermarkets – The Sun

TUBS of Magnum ice cream and Calippo lollies are urgently being recalled from UK supermarkets.

Shoppers are being warned about the treats as the country has sweltered through the sunniest spring since records began.

The mini Calippo ice lollies sold by almost all major UK supermarkets have been recalled over fears they contain pieces of metal.

This makes the treats, which are popular among kids, unsafe and shoppers are being advised not to eat them.

The product recall applies to multi-packs of Wall's Mini Calippo which come in the flavours of orange and lemon-lime.

These are sold in six-packs of 80ml lollies in supermarkets including Asda, Iceland, Morrisons, Ocado and Sainsbury's for prices ranging between £1.50 and £2.

They've previously also been up for grabs at Tesco but are currently listed as unavailable on its website.

The products being recalled come with best before dates of April 2022 or May 2022.

They will also have a batch code, which can be found on the side of the box, of either L0121, L0122, L0123, L0124, L0125 or L0126.

While Magnum white chocolate ice cream sold in Asda have been recalled over fears they could trigger allergic reactions.

The treats contain milk yet this is only mentioned in Italian and not English on the packaging.

Your product recall rights

PRODUCT recalls are an important means of protecting consumers from dangerous goods.

As a general rule, if a recall involves a branded product, the manufacturer would usually have lead responsibility for the recall action.

But it's often left up to supermarkets to notify customers when products could put them at risk.

If you are concerned about the safety of a product you own, always check the manufacturer’s website to see if a safety notice has been issued.

When it comes to appliances, rather than just food items, the onus is usually on you – the customer – to register the appliance with the manufacturer as if you don't there is no way of contacting you to tell you about a fault.

If you become aware that an item you own has been recalled or has any safety noticed issued against it, make sure you follow the instructions given to you by the manufacturer.

They should usually provide you with more information and a contact number on its safety notice.

In some cases, the manufacturer might ask you to return the item for a full refund or arrange for the faulty product to be collected.

You should not be charged for any recall work – such as a repair, replacement or collection of the recalled item.

This means people who suffer from an allergy to milk or milk constituents may accidentally eat the ice cream, which could cause them harm.

People who are allergic to milk can experience problems with their digestive system, such as diarrhoea, a bloated stomach, feeling sick and stomach cramps.

The product recall affects the 440ml tubs, which come with a batch code of either L9255AT138 or L9255BT138.

They have a best before date of September 2021. This information can be found on the rim of the lid.

The tubs are currently sold at Asda for £4, but was recently also available at Tesco for £3.85.

They've previously also been sold in Iceland, and are listed on Ocado's and Spar's websites too.

If you've bought the treats, Calippo's and Magnum's owner Unilever is advising you not to eat them.

Instead, you should contact Unilever by calling 0800 146252 or emailing [email protected] for a refund.

Magnum and Calippo said no other products are affected by the issue.

The Sun has asked Unilever how many ice cream tubs and lollies it's recalling, so we'll update this article if we get a response.

Unilever added in a statement: "The safety of the people that buy and use our products is always our number one priority, which is why we are taking the voluntary precaution of recalling these batches.

"We would like to apologise for any inconvenience and concern caused and thank everyone for their co-operation."

Other recent product recalls to watch out for include jars of pesto at Lidl, which are being recalled over allergy fears.

While Morrisons is recalling ten types of fresh herbs over listeria fears.

In March, Co-op recalled hash browns due to fears they contain plastic.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ‘threaten ex-bodyguard with $10M lawsuit’ after he called rapper ‘needy’ and ‘moody’ – The Sun

KIM KARDASHIAN and Kanye West have threatened an ex-bodyguard with a $10 million lawsuit after he called the rapper "needy" and "moody" on a podcast.

The famous couple had previously planned to sue him in 2016, and also demanded he make a public apology at the time.

TMZ reported on Monday that Kim, 39, and Kanye, 42, sent Steve Stanulis a cease and desist letter after he went on the Hollywood Raw Podcast with scandalous claims about the rapper.

The couple claimed the bodyguard-turned- film director made "false and defamatory" statements and breached their confidentiality agreement.

Steve allegedly signed the agreement in February 2016, and vowed he would never talk about the famous pair's personal life or business matters.

Kim and Kanye reportedly said they will sue if he talks about them again.

Zack Teperman, Steve's publicist, told TMZ: "… no breach of any confidentiality agreement was done.

"My client went on a podcast to promote his new film, and old stories that were already out there were brought up."

Last month, Steve went on the podcast and talked about his experience working for the rapper.

Steve said: "He wanted you to stay 10 paces behind him on a city street, so obviously, if someone is gonna come up and do something, by the time I run up and try to prevent it, it would have already happened."

Steve also alleged that Kanye and Kim called photographers, insisting "there’s no way [paparazzi] don't get called upfront."

"There’s no way every time they're leaving, all these people know about it.

"There’s definitely – somebody's calling ahead. That’s just my opinion."

He also claimed that the rapper would get "mad" for Steve walking ahead of him and ruining a photographer's clear shot.

The former bodyguard continued: "Technically, I'm supposed to walk in front of you. I gotta make sure you're okay.

"He got mad at me for being in his shot. So I'm like…are you serious?

"Instead of saying thank you, he was mad at me for being in the shot."

Steve also accused Kanye of refusing to listen, claiming that the Flashing Lights star was once "intoxicated" and unable to find his room at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

The security team there "didn't know" who Kanye was, and there was a "language barrier," Steve said.

Steve also claimed Kanye would be "ranting and raving" because Steve did not push the elevator button.

He said: "So I said, ‘Look, bro, we can do this one of three ways. One, you could tell me what button to press, and now I’ll know.

Two, you could press the button, and I’ll see which one you press so I’ll know.

Or three, you can sit in here all day and tell me how important your time is and we are not going to go anywhere.’

Again, that was our first interaction."

Steve's comments come nearly four years after he was rumored to have been fired by Kanye for speaking to his wife Kim after the 2016 Met Gala.

He later alleged that a shocking attack on Kim in Paris during fashion week was a "publicity stunt."

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NYPD releases photos of St. Patrick’s Cathedral graffiti suspects

Police released surveillance images early Monday of the two women who allegedly desecrated St. Patrick’s Cathedral with graffiti over the weekend.

The pair allegedly marred the outside walls of the landmark cathedral with the words, “F–k f–k,” “BLM” — for Black Lives Matter — along with “NYPDK” and “No justice no peace” Saturday around 5:10 p.m.

Then they took off, heading east on East 51st Street, toward Madison Avenue.

Cops describe the suspects as two adult women, one wearing a dark-colored tank top and shorts, and the other wearing a white T-shirt and light-colored shorts.

They remained at large Monday morning.

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EastEnders’ top ten steamy soap affairs from Phil and Sharon to Dirty Den and Michelle – The Sun

EASTENDERS has provided the nation with plenty of dramatic moments in the past, including a whole host of scandalous affairs.

From Phil and Sharon to Dirty Den and Michelle, we take a look back on some of the greatest forbidden romances that rocked Walford.

Max Branning and Stacey Slater

The nation was gripped by Stacey and Max's longstanding fling behind son Bradley's back.

In one of the most classic EastEnders episodes ever, their secret was outed when Bradley decided to put on a DVD of his and Stacey’s wedding day, which was a Christmas gift from Lauren.

Lauren had caught Max and Stacey talking about their illicit relationship and even sharing a kiss before Stacey walked down the aisle to Bradley – blowing their cover entirely.

Phil and Sharon Mitchell

Phil and Sharon's steamy fling behind brother Grant's back has remained one of the most memorable storylines in the soap’s history.

Grant – who was in prison at the time – found out the pair had slept together after hearing his wife confess on tape to Michelle Fowler.

Grant then played the tape to a packed Queen Vic, where everyone was gathered to celebrate Phil and Kathy Beale's engagement news.

Keanu Taylor and Sharon Mitchell

Sharon certainly can't help when it comes to bedding taken men.

In recent years, she went on to enjoy steamy affair with hunky Keanu Taylor behind Phil's back.

However, things got slightly messy after it was revealed Keanu was the biological father of Phil’s wife's baby and his daughter Louise’s.

Phil later uncovered the truth on Christmas Day, with Sharon announcing the affair to the pub.

Pat Butcher and Patrick Trueman

Pat was known for being one of the show’s most prolific man-eaters, getting through a string of men including  Dirty Den and lovable Patrick.

Despite being married, Patrick couldn't resist the opportunity of a casual fling with Pat.

However, they are seen together by Stacey Slater who informed Patrick's wife Yolande, which ended the affair and ignited a bitter feud between the two women.

Phil Mitchell and Melanie Owen

Mel and Phil slept together behind the back of Mel's best mate Lisa.

Lisa later left Phil, and unknown to him, she was pregnant with his baby.

Bianca Jackson and Dan Sullivan

Bianca's time on the Square was plagued with drama, but her first shock exit occurred after rekindling her romance with old flame Dan Sullivan – who was dating her mum Carol at the time.

Carol later disowned her daughter when she learned of their romance.

The drama followed on from Bianca's 1997 wedding to Ricky, which drew one of the biggest soap audiences in history.

Christian Clark and Syed Masood

Christian and Syed began a secret affair that continued even after Syed married wife Amira.

Their romance was unveiled by Christian himself, after Syed turned down his offer to run away with him to Barcelona.

The news was all too much for poor Amira, who later left the Square when she discovered her hubby's gay affair.

Dirty Den and Michelle Fowler

Den Watts cemented his Dirty Den nickname by embarking on an affair with 16-year-old Michelle Fowler.

Not only was Den much older, but Michelle was his adopted daughter Sharon's best friend.

Den later fathered a child with Michelle after having sex in the pub.

The pair's daughter Vicki was born and Den financially supported the mother and baby in secret.

Kat Slater and Derek Branning

Viewers were left on their edge of their seats during Kat's secret fling with one of the Branning brothers.

Kat’s hubby Alfie eventually forced her to confess after storming into The Queen Vic to confront the siblings.

The secret came to light after the camera panned across the trio of final suspects before doing a close-up on Derek.

Pat and Frank Butcher

Former couple Pat and Frank rekindled their romance behind the backs of Peggy Mitchell and Roy Evans.

Peggy’s discovery of the affair in 2000 resulted in a memorable fight in the Queen Vic.

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Major BBC, Channel 5 Entertainment Shows Returning To Studio Shoots Following The Coronavirus Shut Down

EXCLUSIVE: After TV production went dark at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the lights are slowly being switched back on for studio shows in the UK, with the BBC and Channel 5 among those restarting entertainment shoots.

Deadline understands that the BBC’s Fulwell 73-produced Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer is among the first entertainment shows to return to the studio after the industry-wide shut down in March. Filming has taken place at London’s Riverside Studios ahead of the program’s premiere on BBC One this Saturday.

Channel 5’s The Gadget Show is also heading back to the studio on Tuesday after Season 31 was postponed on March 26. The ViacomCBS network’s show will return to television on June 12, with All3Media’s North One TV putting in place protocols to help make the set coronavirus-proof.

These first steps back into studio production will pave the way for other big shows to return later this year. Deadline hears that Have I Got News For You is planning for a late October return to its Riverside set after Hat Trick Productions gamely experimented with video technology housed in a CGI studio to keep the show on TV during the pandemic.

The Graham Norton Show is also planning to return to some sort of normality in the autumn, when So Television hopes to move the show back into its Television Centre home. Norton has remained on-air, with the Irish presenter interviewing guests remotely from home.

The producers are working with the BBC on their plans and safety protocols, and each show is being assessed on a case-by-case basis. One of the biggest question marks will be whether audiences will be allowed back into studios, while a lack of insurance is another issue for many producers.

Intense work is also underway on the UK’s most ambitious studio entertainment shows. Syco and Fremantle still hope to stage the Britain’s Got Talent finals for ITV in the autumn, while ITV will also be hopeful it can return to The Voice, which was halted mid-season, but has resumed production in other territories, including Australia.

The BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing is another show targeting autumn. Deadline understands producers have considered quarantining cast and crew on the show so they can work in a bubble, while other ideas that have been floated in various press reports include theatrical masks for performers and sitting audience members around tables to help with social distancing.

These are not concerns for The Gadget Show, which will be filmed at a remote studio in Hartlebury, on the outskirts of Birmingham, without an audience. North One has put in place protocols to ensure that the presenters and crew do not use public transport to reach the DRP studio, while social distancing will be strictly enforced on-set.

The studio will be built and rigged the day before each shoot, while two cameras and one sound recordist will be stationed on the studio floor. There will be no gallery operation — instead, directors and producers will watch on from isolated areas of the studio, and editing and voiceover work will be completed remotely.

Other protocols include the studio having a strict one-way system for movement, and presenters having to apply their own makeup. The safety regime was drawn up using the UK broadcaster and producer coronavirus guidelines published last month.

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Eddie Hearn insists Anthony Joshua would ‘hate’ him if he revealed real reasons he lost to Andy Ruiz Jr – The Sun

ANTHONY JOSHUA would "hate" Eddie Hearn if the promoter revealed the real reasons he underperformed in his loss against Andy Ruiz Jr.

AJ was dropped four times during his first career defeat, which ended in round seven, with mystery then surrounding the Brit star pre and post fight with the heavyweight accused of being concussed. 

Joshua was forced to deny being dropped in sparring and even refute claims he had a panic attack before the headliner on his US debut in New York.

But Hearn admits Joshua has his reasons for coming into the fight sluggish and off his game but unlike Deontay Wilder – who blamed his loss to Tyson Fury on his ring costume – those excuses will not be aired.

Hearn told Sky Sports: "It's nothing to do with sparring or panic attacks but there are reasons that he wasn't firing on all cylinders. He will never tell you, and he would hate for me to tell you.

"He doesn't want excuses like we've seen with Deontay Wilder."

"When I look back now, knowing what was wrong, I can look at his face and say: 'You knew you weren't 100 percent, didn't you?'

"But all week he was fine, smiling. At no point did anyone say: 'He doesn't seem himself'. Looking back now there is something in his eyes that says: 'I'm not best prepared'."

Joshua remained radio silent after his setback, but came out triumphant six months later as he enacted revenge on Ruiz in Saudi Arabia to reclaim the WBA, IBF and WBO titles.

But after career defining win, the 30-year-old hinted that he suffered a health problem before the stunning loss.

Joshua told BBC Sport: "I had some issue with my health which I was going through for a long time.

"I didn't know what was wrong with me. I felt so tired and drained and thought it must be down to training.

"In the changing room before the fight I got a bucket of ice and was putting my head in it thinking 'why do I feel so tired?'

"The responsibilities of being world champion are difficult. All that stuff, feeling so tired, dealing with obligations.

"Now I have energy, I haven't missed a session."


Joshua admitted to last year requiring an operation as well as treating the mystery ailment that hasn't affected him since.

He added: "After my check-ups it showed what the problem was and this is what you have to get sorted.

"Even in this camp I had an operation done but as I'd started training in June I had no issues."

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